Thursday, December 8, 2016

Communication Objectives

Communication Objectives

As a group, our communication objectives were to make Cliffside Restaurant more approachable and keep our designs simple enough to where we were working with what the restaurant already had. The restaurant is very modern and simple in its own unique, beautiful way.

As I was working on the website, I wanted to make sure these objectives were shown through what I was created. That's why I wanted to take my own photos and focus more on the beauty of the food and the design of the restaurant. I think the colors of the food really brought out the beauty of the restaurant as well. My hope was to also create a user friendly and visually appealing website to make Cliffside more approachable for our audience.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Cliffside Restaurant Artifacts

For my artifact I was in charge of the Collateral. this included business cards and the menu mailer for the Cliffside Restaurant. I had success with finding a template that guided me in creating these artifacts for my group. These artifact would be used to attract more customers to come in and enjoy a nice meal from some of the top chefs around. 

Monday, November 21, 2016

Cliffside Restaurant

Last week our group decided that we are going to help out Cliffside Restaurant here in St. George, Utah. We decided that their logo and image needs a little help and we feel like we can make a difference with this change.

Audience analysis:

 Tom, 54, is one of the owner's of Cliffside Restaurant and enjoys the fancy side of things. He's a perfectionist and aspires to keep his restaurant classy and somewhat high-end. He wants to attract more business to his restaurant by appealing to more than just the older generation.

Sarah, 21, is a stay-at-home mom and is always looking for new, delicious restaurants to go to with her husband for date night. She has a hard time finding baby sitters, but plans ahead for when she does find one. She also likes family-friendly places where she can take her kids and enjoy a family night out.

Leslie, 33, has been traveling to all 50 states with her husband and is looking for places to visit in southern Utah. She enjoys the outdoors and will go anywhere that stands out to her.

Joshua, 27, is a hard working business man with 3 children who is looking for a change of scenery in his life. He is tired of eating at the same middle to low class restaurants every night due to the fact he doesn't have time to cook being a single parent. He would love to experience a new family friendly upper class restaurant that he and his children can enjoy. 

My Artifact:

I will be creating the Collateral for Cliffside Restaurant. This will include Menu Mailers, Business Cards, Mints etc. Featured on the Collateral will be the new and improved Cliffside Logo and Slogan.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Film: Home Alone (1990)
Scene: Pizza Delivery 

Produced by 

Tarquin Gotchexecutive producer
John Hughes
Mark Levinsonexecutive producer
Mark Radcliffe
associate producer
Scott M. Rosenfeltexecutive producer (as Scott Rosenfelt)

Job duties: 
The producers created a realistic holiday scene by putting Christmas lights all over the house, having snow to make it feel like a traditional white Christmas, and when the pizza delivery man tries to drive away in a hurry his tire is spinning on a sheet of ice and slush.  The producers also have to incorporate sound effects in every scene, so every little noise that goes on in a movie is created by the producers.  The main things producers do are to make sure the appearance of a scene is exactly how the director wanted it. 

Makeup Department 

Dominic Mangoassistant hair stylist
Linda Melazzoassistant makeup artist
Kimberly Phillipskey makeup artist (as Kim Phillips)
Linda Rizzutokey hair stylist
Job duties: 
The make up artists and hair stylist's jobs in this scene is to make sure the pizza boy and Kevin's face and hair were camera ready.  That entails covering any blemishes or marks they don't want to show, fixing their hair so the pizza boy's hair looked swooped out of the hat how they wanted, and Kevin's was fluffy and clean looking.  Another thing the make up artist do is create an image of what is being experienced by the actor through make up.  For example, in this scene they made the pizza boy have very rosey cheeks and a red nose, because it was cold outside. 

Cinematography by 

Julio Macat
director of photography

Art Direction by 

Dan Webster

Production Design by 

John Muto

Friday, October 21, 2016

Compose your frame

I took this picture in the Holland building while on my way to get a iced white chocolate mocha from infusion. Included in this picture are different components such as:

Diagonal and horizontal lines are included in this picture as the side railings and the lines engraved in the staircase pop out and grab the attention of the viewer. Also the side railings are used as vectors as it leads your eyes downward along with the structure of the staircase. Also you can see the red arrow in the upper right hand corner that are pointing downward also grabbing the eyes and letting them know to go down.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Design Evaluation

As i researched for a logo/design that has went through a re branding change I stumbled across my favorite cookie. I did not know Oreo went through this many changes but i am glad they did. I do not find the early model/logos of Oreo to be attractive and it actually would stop me from purchasing them if i was around during that time. I notice that in the earlier models it went from Oreo Biscuit to Oreo sandwich and then america's favorite cookie was written on the packaging. I guess that they had to put Oreo sandwich on the packaging in the beginning so buyers would know what kind of cookie Oreo was and once they were established  it was not needed anymore.